What is Spinal Injections ?

Spinal injections are a pain management treatment that is recommended to relieve or reduce back pain. They can be either used to diagnose the source of back, leg, neck, arm pain or used as a treatment to relieve pain.

Spinal injections are performed under X-ray guidance called fluoroscopy. Fluoroscopy makes sure that the medication is placed correctly. Before the medication is given, a liquid contrast is injected. Until the correct flow is obtained, an additional dye is used. This may also include repositioning of the needle. The injection is then given.

The procedure can be done either as daycare or on OPD basis. After the injection is given, the patient will be monitored for one hour and then discharged.

Follow up is required only if you are having any side effects of the injection. Otherwise, you can start the normal daily activities the following day.