What is Shoulder Replacement ?

Shoulder replacement is a surgical procedure to replace the damaged part of the upper arm with the help of artificial components called prosthesis. In this procedure, regional anesthesia is administered to the patient. The shoulder is accessed by separating the deltoid and pectoral muscles to minimize nerve damage. A rotator cuff is used to cover the shoulder which is opened by cutting one of the front rotator cuff muscles. The surgeon then views the arthritic parts of the shoulder ball and socket and removes it. The affected part is then replaced with the help of an implant socket, ball, and stem components. The stitches are closed and the incision area is cleaned after which a bandage is applied as a temporary covering.

You will be admitted to the hospital and you shall undergo medical investigations required prior to surgery. Investigation reports are evaluated and you are explained about the procedure. Pre-anesthetic check-up (PAC) is conducted and your consent for the procedure is taken.

You would be moved to OT. You would undergo spinal anesthesia and surgery will then be performed. After the surgery, you will be shifted to a normal hospital room. Pain medications would be started. You may have an X-Ray of the operated joint.

You would wear a shoulder immobilizer and undergo cold therapy unit on the shoulder. Our rehabilitation team would help you in getting mobilized.

You will get out of bed with walker or cane and perform post-operative exercises. You will be discharged with follow up instructions on medications and physiotherapy.

Follow up is necessary to see how well you are recovering. The doctor will analyze whether you have got the strength back or not. You should let your doctor know if you are feeling uncomfortable or are suffering from any other complications.