Our goal, at the Neuromodulation, is to expand our transdisciplinary treatment line, which is dedicated to providing clinical care and developing new technologies in the field of Neuromodulation. We offer outPatient Stories at Institute of Brain and Spine Hospital to various Movement disorders such as Parkinson's Disease, Dystonias, Essential tremors,Tardive Dyskinesias, Tourette Syndromes aprat from these we are involved to treat Chronic back pain, Failed back syndrome, and other Various pathologies based chronic pain. We also offer treatment for Epilepsies, Foot drop syndromes, various Behaviourial syndromes and Spinal cord injuries.

In addition to surgical treatments, we offer physical therapy rehabiliatations as we have the most decorated and advanced technologies for Physiotherapy for various symptoms and diseases aprat from that we are continuously trying to educate in the form of patient events and support groups for above mentioned diseases.

We also provide several specialty programs: the Neuromodulation Wellness Programs, Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Volunteer Patient interaction Programs, DBS Second Opinion and Correction Assessment Program, various Movement Disorders programs, various Spinal cord injuries and wellness programs, think beyond the seizures - an educating Epilepsies program and overcome your depression programs. We have Neuromodulation Wellness Counseling team to optimize your health before and after deep brain stimulation (DBS), Spinal cord stimulation (SCS), Vagal nerve stimulation (VNS), Epidural Stimulation (EPS), Peripheral Nerve stimulation (PNS), Intrathecal drug delivery (ITB), Sacral Nerve Stimulation (SNS) procedures.

We assess patients when they first enter the program, using: First Clinical Evaluations by our Expeerts. Various Lab tests, Comprehensive physical examinations- including lean body mass, Nutrition and Diet informations. Then we develop individualized wellness plans for each patient, which can incorporate nutritional, dietary and neutraceuticals, exercises, and meditations.

What is Neuromodulation

  • Millions of Indians live with various Neurological disorders that arise from abnormal firing of the circuits of the nervous system. These disorders can cause a wide range of debilitating symptoms, including Chronic pain and Movement disorders Conditions include Parkinson's disease, Tourette syndrome, Dystonias, Tardive Dyskinesias, Epilepsies and various behaviourial issues like agrressive behaviours, depressions and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Every year thousands of People become paraplegic and quadriplegic wheel chair bound because of Traumatic spinal cord injuries.
  • Neuromodulation is a series of technologies with medical advancements that act directly on your nervous system. By changing the way your nerves carry information to and from the brain, we can decrease the pain and increase mobility. At the Neuromodulation, we use electrical currents and medications to treat nervous system problems.
  • "Neuromodulation therapies are a new field of treatment that involves stimulating parts of the nervous system to reset the abnormal circuitry," says Dr. Sachin Kandhari, MD, Director of the Center for Neuromodulation. "By implanting devices in the affected area of the body, we can use electricity to reset the problematic circuitry - much in the same way that a pacemaker controls abnormal heart rhythms." The field of neuromodulation is constantly growing and we, at the Center for Neuromodulation, are constantly conducting research to help further its developments.