What is Cervical Disc Replacement ?

Cervical disc replacement is a surgical procedure in which the damaged cervical disc is removed and replaced with a specialized implant called an artificial disc. It is designed to restore proper spacing between the vertebrae while preserving the motion associated with a healthy disc.

A single 3-4 cm incision is made on the side of the patient’s neck. Under the microscope, the damaged disc is viewed and removed (discectomy)and the impinged nerve is relieved (decompression).

The disc space is prepared and the replacement disc is carefully placed between the vertebrae. To make sure that the replacement disc is positioned properly and the positioning is confirmed under 3D C-Arm. The incision is then closed

After the physical assessment, you shall be me dically investigated on OPD basis for your spinal problem. Once investigations and medical assessment are completed your surgery shall be planned. You will be advised to get admitted on the day of surgery.

You are admitted to the hospital. The procedure is explained to the patient/ relative in detail and consent is undertaken. Pre-anaesthesia checkup (PAC) is done. Once cleared, the patient is shifted to OT for the procedure. Post-procedure, the patient is moved to the recovery area and once stable, the patient is moved to the respective room. There may be a bit of pain for which you will be given analgesics.

You will be observed in the room. Discharge process is undertaken. You / relative is explained about the discharge medication and follow up. The patient is discharged.

You may be advised to see the surgeon after a week for stitch removal. Follow up is also important to see if healing is proper. Initially, there may be some soreness and pain depending on the type of surgery which is performed. There may be bruising around the area which is not abnormal.