What is Arthroscopic Meniscus Treatment ?

Arthroscopic meniscus repair is a surgical procedure to repair torn knee cartilage. It is a minimally invasive procedure and involves either meniscus removal or meniscus repair. This surgery is required if the symptoms do not resolve with non-surgical treatments.

Surgery is performed using arthroscopy. A tiny camera is inserted and the surgeon is able to view the inside of the knee in the video monitor. Only small incisions are made. In meniscus removal, small instruments known as shavers or scissors are used to remove the torn meniscus. Depending on the extent of the tear, the torn meniscus will either be pinned or sutured.

Meniscus replacement surgery involves the replacement of a torn cartilage with the donor cartilage or a cultured patch obtained from the laboratory. It is a treatment option for patients who have undergone meniscus removal but with no successful result.

After physical assesment you shall be medically investigated for your Knee problem. Once investigations and medical assesement is completed your surgery shall be planned. You will be advised to get admitted on the day of surgery.

Discharge process is undertaken. You will be appraised about the post-discharge exercises to be done at home and will also be explained about the discharge medication and follow up. You will be discharged in stable condition.

In the follow-up visit, the doctor will see the healing process. When the knee has healed, physical therapies will be suggested to improve your mobility. You will also be able to perform normal activities.